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Marketing Campaign Opportunities

E-Marketing Campaigns

Distribution: 30,000 Subscribers

Promote your content, programs, surveys, market research and more via dedicated e-blasts to the IgNS audience. Select your package below. A minimum of 3 campaigns is recommended for optimal engagement.

The below rates are based on the same content being deployed over the course of the campaign.

Tier 1

1 Campaign: $2,500

Tier 2

3 Campaigns: $5,000

(a minimum of 3 is recommended for improved engagement)

Tier 3

5 Campaigns: $7,500

Tier 4

7 Campaigns: $12,500

Social Media Posts

$1,500 per post (all channels)

Download the e-marketing guidelines for sponsored emails and social media posts.

Direct Mail Campaign

Distribution: 4,500 Subscribers

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. Deliver your content to the highly-specialized IgNS audience. Segment your target audience by site of practice, customer type, job description, or geography.

Variable depending on audience size and item specifications

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© IgNS Copyright 2023 - All Rights Reserved