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Ig Therapy Standards of Practice

The Ig Therapy Standards of Practice provide comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines for nursing and pharmacy practice, and establish a framework to support multi-disciplinary practices in defining and developing Ig policies & procedures, protocols, and maintaining best practices and compliance.

A critical resource that supports nurses, pharmacists, multi-disciplinary teams, and organizations.

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Ig Clinicians’ Competency Guide

Competencies are action-oriented statements of the knowledge, skills, and abilities people need to do their work successfully. They are observable and measurable.  IgNS created the Competency Guide to define the major educational domains and competencies effective Ig clinicians must have mastery of to succeed in their positions. The educational domains and competencies in the Competency Guide are derived from formal role delineation studies conducted for the positions of Ig nurse and Ig pharmacists. These critical requirements are then linked to knowledge, skills and abilities that contribute to success.

One Guide, Many Uses
• Competency-based learning program
• Defines major educational domains and competencies for Ig clinicians
• Essential for onboarding and maintaining of educational requirements for clinical staff
• May be used as a stand-alone or as a specialized Ig supplement to an existing general competency program
• Beneficial for any clinician and organization that manages or delivers care to Ig patients

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Ig Clinician's Quick Reference

This Quick Reference a great tool that contains at-a-glance information about: FDA-Approved Ig Brands; Patient and Product Risk Factors; and IVIG/SCIG Adverse Events and Risk Mitigation Strategies. The information contained in the Quick Guide is based on IgNS Standards of Practice, prescribing information, and published literature.

Available as a Free Download or Free Reprints (S&H applies).

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© IgNS Copyright 2021 - All Rights Reserved

© IgNS Copyright 2021 - All Rights Reserved