To address the need for continuing education in the field of Ig therapy, IgNS is pleased to offer our members the online Educational Resource Center, which provides continuing education, a professional knowledge exchange forum, and various clinical and advocacy resources for healthcare professionals.


Professional Resources

We are pleased to offer a list of important resources for your Ig therapy-related professional, patient-support, and advocacy needs.

International Nursing Group for Immunodeficiencies (INGID)

The aims of INGID are to improve and extend the quality of nursing care of patients with primary immune deficiencies, and to increase the awareness and understanding of primary immunodeficiencies among nurses. VISIT SITE

Infusion Nurse Society (INS)

Recognized as the global authority in infusion therapy, INS is dedicated to exceeding the public’s expectations of excellence by setting the standard for infusion care. VISIT SITE


National Home Infusion Association (NHIA)

This trade association represents and advances the interests of organizations that provide infusion and specialized pharmacy products and services to the entire spectrum of home-based patients. VISIT SITE


Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS)

The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) exists to improve human health through immunology by fostering interdisciplinary approaches to both understand and treat immune-based diseases. VISIT SITE


Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN)

The Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network is made up of 19 distinctive consortia that are working in concert to improve the availability of rare disease information, treatment, clinical studies, and general awareness for both patients and the medical community. The RDCRN also aims to provide up-to-date information for patients and to assist in connecting patients with advocacy groups, expert doctors, and clinical research opportunities. VISIT SITE


Pan-American Group for Immunodeficiency (PAGID)

Pan-American Group for Immunodeficiency is a professional group of physicians and scientists with an interest in primary immunodeficiencies. VISIT SITE


Latin American Group for Primary Immunodeficiencies (LAGID)

A professional organization composed of physicians from various Latin American countries who are dedicated to promoting the awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of primary immune deficiency diseases in their countries. VISIT SITE


Patient Resources


Jeffrey Modell Foundation

Foundation dedicated to early and precise diagnosis, meaningful treatments, and ultimately cures of primary immunodeficiency diseases. VISIT SITE


Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF)

The Immune Deficiency Foundation is the national patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of persons with primary immunodeficiency diseases through advocacy, education, and research. VISIT SITE

International Patient Organization for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI)

IPOPI is an international organization whose members are national patient organizations dedicated to improving awareness, access to early diagnosis, and optimal treatments for primary immunodeficiency patients worldwide. VISIT SITE


National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)

This is a non-profit organization that provides information, programs, and services for thousands of rare medical conditions, including primary immune deficiencies. VISIT SITE


Primary Immunodeficiency Association (PIA)

Patient organization that provides services for individuals affected by primary immune deficiencies in the United Kingdom. The Web site contains a wealth of information about primary immune deficiency diseases. VISIT SITE


Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA)

PDSA provides resources for education, advocacy, research, and support of patients with platelet disorders. VISIT SITE


Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA)

The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) is the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis. MGFA serves patients, their families, and caregivers through a network of chapters, support groups, and programs. VISIT SITE


The Myositis Association

The Myositis Association provides support to myositis patients and their families, provides connections between the Medical Advisory Board and the general medical and patient communities, and increases funding to support myositis research. VISIT SITE


Neuropathy Action Foundation (NAF)

The Neuropathy Action Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that neuropathy patients obtain the necessary resources, information, and tools to access individualized treatment to improve their quality of life. The NAF increases awareness among physicians, appropriate institutions, the general public, and public policy officials that neuropathy can potentially be a serious, widespread, and disabling condition, which may be treatable when appropriate medical care is provided. VISIT SITE


National Family Caregivers Association

The National Family Caregivers Association educates, supports, empowers, and speaks up for the more than 65 million Americans who care for loved ones with a chronic illness or disability or the frailties of old age. VISIT SITE


Patient Services Incorporated (PSI)

PSI is a national non-profit organization developed to support persons with specific chronic medical illnesses by assisting them with health insurance premiums and pharmacy co-payments in order to help improve their quality of life. VISIT SITE


Alliance for Patient Advocacy

The Alliance for Patient Advocacy unites patients, families and healthcare providers to raise public awareness about important healthcare access issues. This includes access to quality, affordable life-saving and enhancing therapies, education about rare, genetic and/or chronic diseases, and diagnosis of diseases by specialists, and treatment for these diseases in all sites of care. VISIT SITE


Guillain-Barré/Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Foundation International (GBS/CIDP)

The focus of the GBS/CIDP Foundation International is on providing information and support for patients, family members, and healthcare professionals. VISIT SITE


Patient Notification System

The Patient Notification System is a free, confidential, 24-hour communication system providing information on plasma-derived and recombinant analog therapy withdrawals and recalls. The system was created to provide consumers with a single, convenient, and confidential source for up-to-date withdrawal and recall information.  VISIT SITE