About Ig Certified Pharmacist (IgCP®) Credentialing

IgNS is committed to the IgCP® Credentialing, which provides assessment, validation and documentation of the knowledge, skills, and overall clinical competence of pharmacists managing and administering Ig therapy.

As part of our commitment to providing uninterrupted access to IgNS resources, the IgCP® certification examination is now available as a live remote-proctored (LRP) option.

Online testing, via LRP, is specifically designed to be a secure, web-based, monitored testing event with a live proctor monitoring the exam, candidate and testing environment throughout the exam administration.

The IgCP® Credentialing is the only nationally recognized certification for Ig pharmacists.

It meets nationally recognized standards that are reliable and legally defensible measurements of Ig pharmacists’ knowledge and skills.

IgCP® Credentialing validates that pharmacist have met stringent requirements for knowledge and experience, and are qualified to provide competent Ig care.


Registered pharmacists whose practice includes Immunoglobulin therapy, and who wish to gain the prestigious IgCP® Credential and the professional recognition of their specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise as an Ig Certified Pharmacist, should register to take the IgCP® Examination.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Registered Pharmacist (RPh) with a current license in the US or Canada
  • A minimum of 1,500 hours of experience in Ig therapy within the past two years

Ig therapy experience may include the following areas of practice:

  • Dispensing
  • Research
  • Clinical Practice
  • Education

Becoming an IgCP®

Eligible candidates are required to take the two-hour LRP-based IgCP® exam, offered at specific times throughout the year.

The IgCP® Examination consists of 110 questions.  The exam’s content is based on the core content areas of immunoglobulin nursing, derived from the results of a formal Practice Analysis Study that ensures that the exam accurately reflects the practice of the average Ig pharmacist.

IgCP® Credentialing Examination Cost:

  • IgNS Member: $550
  • Non-Member: $650


Recertification by continuing education is $450  for a three-year period.

Benefits to pharmacists

Becoming an IgCP® provides the recognition of the specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise of an Ig Pharmacist.

The IgCP® Credential:

  • Empowers pharmacists to be confident clinical decision-makers.
  • Protects and informs the public of pharmacists’ competence, validation of experience, knowledge and skills.
  • Creates higher levels of professional satisfaction for pharmacists:
  • Improves patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Reduces work-related errors

Data has shown that employers prefer hiring certified pharmacists across all specialized areas of practice.  Certified pharmacists earn a higher income, and report a higher level of satisfaction with their jobs.  Benefits and the effect of certification on patient care and safety are well known and recognized in the clinical community.

“Achieving this credential gives me a sense of professional confidence I never had before. It shows my clinical expertise, and sets me apart as a professional. ” – TR, PharmD, IgCP®

Benefits to employers

IgCP® Credentialing results in standardization of Ig pharmacy practices within organizations.

IgCP® staff is a strong differentiation factor for companies employing Ig pharmacists: 

  • Establish your organization as a leader in Ig practice
  • Standardize the quality of your Ig pharmacy
  • Improve patient care, outcomes and satisfaction
  • Reduce in-house competencies burden
  • Improved trust and confidence from prescribers

Employers who support their pharmacists’ certification improve retention rates and develop stable and highly skilled Ig pharmacy.   Demonstrate your commitment to Ig excellence!

“Our company requires Ig certification – and our support of IgCP® for our pharmacists is a great perk! Our pharmacists are rewarded for their commitment to excellence. It’s a win-win.” – JS, CEO Specialty Pharmacy

Benefits to patients

Each patients deserves expert, quality care every time,  whether their infusions take place at a hospital, infusion center, doctor’s office, or home.

IgCP® means the patient’s pharmacists has the clinical expertise required for Ig therapy. IgCP® means peace of mind. 

IgCP®s are required to must meet stringent qualifications: 

  • Document extensive Ig therapy experience prior to passing the certification exam
  • Pass a rigorous national certification examination
  • Continue to complete mandatory re-certification requirements every 3 years
  • Keep up with the latest advancements in Ig therapy

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© IgNS Copyright 2023 - All Rights Reserved

© IgNS Copyright 2022 - All Rights Reserved