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Beyond Infection: The Realities of Primary Immunodeficiency

CE/CME CREDITS: 6 | Accreditation: ANCC, ACPE, ACCME

This five-part educational series explores the complexities of primary immunodeficiency (PI). Expand your knowledge of autoinflammatory disorders, immune dysregulation, pulmonary complications, and the effects of disease-modifying biologics on the immune system, presented by a panel of expert faculty.


Mark Ballow, MD
Lori Brodrick, MD, PhD
Jennifer Leiding, MD
PJ Maglione, MD, PhD
Kenneth Paris, MD, MPH
Richard Wasserman, MD, PhD

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Ig Academy Virtual Review Course

CE/CME CREDITS: 6 | Accreditation: ANCC, ACPE, ACCME

A must for healthcare professionals who need a thorough Ig therapy review.  Taught by the top physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, this course includes key topics critical to today’s practice:

  • Overview of Immunoglobulin Products
  • Mitigating Adverse Reactions
  • Clinical Applications and Mechanism of Action
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Patient Advocacy and Resources
  • SCIG Administration and Management
  • IVIG Administration and Management
  • Initiating and Monitoring Ig Therapy: Interactive Case Discussion
  • Writing the Ig Prescription – Pharmacy, Nurse and Physician’s Perspective
  • Facing the Challenge: Insurance Issues

Member price: $179

Non-member price: $199

IgCN® Review Course

CE/CME CREDITS: 6 | Accreditation: ANCC, ACPE

A thorough virtual classroom review to help you study for the IgCN® exam. Taught by clinical experts, this course includes key topics required to be mastered by an Ig certified nurse:

  • Disease states and assessments
  • Dosing protocols
  • Ig product differences
  • IVIG and SCIG administration
  • Management of adverse reactions
  • Patient resources and advocacy

Member price: $159

Non-member price: $199

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