Corporate Membership Setup Page

Congratulations on your Corporate Membership!

Below are a few steps that will help you get everything set up correctly for your team.

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Submit your Company Logo

Now that you have a corporate membership, let’s start advertising!  Click on the link below to submit your Corporate Logo to IgNS.  IgNS will add the logo to the home page, membership page, do a social media announcement and include your logo in our opening presentation at the IgNS National Conference.

Logo submission requirement:  200 px x 200 px; png file with either clear or white background.

Logo Submission Page

Add Team Members

Let’s get your team set up! You can do this two ways – enter the email address yourself or send your team a link to join.

Navigate to your “My Account” screen and on the left-hand side, click on Teams. If you have more than one team in your system, click on the team you are working with. Then click on “Add Members”. On this screen, you will see a URL link that you can copy and share with your team or an option to add their email address to the system.

If you send your team the URL link, please remember that the link is a first come first serve link.  Which means if you have a team membership for 10 members and you send the link to 13 people, only the first 10 who complete the registration process will be listed as members.

Assign a Manager to your Team

Assign someone to help you manage the team.

Once everyone has been added, you can assign someone as a “Manager”.  This person can be an HR Manager, Product Director, Nursing Manager, Pharmacy Manager, and so on.  The “Manager” can add/remove members from the team, but they will not be able to manage the billing.

Set Everyone up with Standards

With your corporate membership, your team has access to the Ig Standards for free. Everyone has an option to pick either a digital copy or a hard copy, which includes $8.99 s/h.  If you are interested in saving costs and want to supply everyone with a hard copy, please send an email to for assistance on getting this set up.

Ig Certification for Everyone at once

Certification has never been more convenient! IgNS’ on-demand certification brings the examination and proctors directly to your team. Basic requirements include:

  • Minimum of 10 candidates
  • All candidates must meet eligibility requirements
  • Examination space must comply with IgCN®/IgCP® regulations


For more information, please contact us at

Add the IgNS Coporate Member Logo to Marketing Materials

Please find the IgNS Corporate Member logo below for your use.



This can be proudly displayed on your company website and any marketing materials you would like. Before you send your items to print or after you publish it on your website, please click the link below to submit your files for review. Our review is limited to use of the logo – size, coloring, shape and url link (if applicable).  If you hyperlink the logo, please link it to

Marketing Submission Form

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© IgNS Copyright 2023 - All Rights Reserved

© IgNS Copyright 2023 - All Rights Reserved