Required Credentials for Position: CPR, IV Certification, Texas board license

¢ Refill List- all refills are placed on the refill board each am and reviewed with mixing technician to give a preview of what to expect for the day. Also, all possible refills will be placed in dispatch for delivery as soon as possible. (all refills must be processed 1-2 days ahead of time)
¢ Adjudicating claims
¢ Refills are also discussed with intake/billing/reimbursement incase an order is extended to confirm we have all services covered.
¢ Inventory control- inventory must be pulled each time a refill is processed ensuring lot numbers match what™s being given to the patient in case of a recall.
¢ On each refill supplies, frequency of using supplies, progress of patient, concerns, MD visits, labs, problems, re-verify insurance hasn™t changed, address hasn™t changed, communicates any issues to the pharmacist including if they cannot reach a patient, and will fax the MD a refill request on the last week of the refills which asks the MD if he wants the line pulled at the end of therapy so nursing is aware.
¢ Discuss the nursing schedule each week with nursing department to confirm we have all drugs in stock for the following week and coordination if needed whether nurse will pick up med or we need to deliver.
¢ Assists with keeping up with Curlin Pump Inventory and coordinating any pumps needing to be picked up from a patient at the end of therapy. Also, upon sending out a pump documenting on delivery ticket the Serial Number.
¢ Double check pump programs if needed.
¢ Print labs makes sure the pharmacist reviews before faxing, then placing in the refill tote along with the order for checking. The MD is contacted also if there are any critical labs. Also, if outside nursing agency is seeing the patient a phone call is placed to the agency to acquire labs if we have not received them via fax.
¢ Upon refill, any payment collection is charged, and invoice created. Again, if a cash payment is collected the technician will communicate in dispatch and any documentation placed on the delivery ticket for the driver.
¢ Assist with scanning and attaching any documents into pharmacy software.